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SAKURA Exhibition 2011

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  • ASHIKAWA Tomoko
  • CaZ
Cosponsors for "SAKURA Exhibition 2011"

Introduction of cosponsors for “SAKURA Exhibition 2011”

The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
This is a gallery in Shinjuku which can be used as rental space. It can be used for various purposes such as exhibitions, photographing, filming, drama performance, fashion shows, etc.
We plan and operate postcard exhibitions, group exhibitions, web events, etc. on the concept of "planning events from creators’ standpoint."
Our specialty is giclee printing. We support artists in creating arts.
We provide a completely free community site for creators where you can hold a web exhibition and sell your goods for free of charge.
We hope to introduce as many Japanese artists as possible to the world. We will be glad to help you with your overseas promotion.
Ayaneya is a shop of lovely animal goods, presenting joys and happiness to all the customers.
Our specialty is on-demand printing and special printing for creators. We, as a printer, provide various plans, making the best use of our know-how.
gr@phic is a printing company which is open around the clock throughout the year. We provide new printing services.
Why don’t you show your works to the world on CREATORS BANK’s web portfolio? CREATORS BANK is a portal site to support creators.
We make various original goods for you, such as cloth bags, leather goods and so on. You can order from one.
Corel Painter is the best painting software! Painting and illustrating work can be more natural for seeking more creativity and imagination. We offer you a wonderful experience of digital painting just like analog painting.
Atelier Hyouga
You can make high-quality original goods at a reasonable price, even in a small lot.
CJ3 Cube is an open social network service in which a lot of various people such as artists, art fans and art business groups gather for events of art creative culture.
"12G" is a commercial gallery specialized in illustrations.
Design Festa Gallery
An art gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. All of its spaces can be used for exhibition, including 29 various-sized rooms, 50 art pieces, shower rooms, lavatories, and outer walls. Artists who want to exhibit works in a unique and unrestricted space are welcomed.
Portalgraphics supports artists by providing a painting software “openCanvas” and a manga creating software “ComiLabo.” You can see illustration-making movies in “Potagra,” a community of “openCanvas” users.
LOVE art mag.
東海地方発のフリーアートマガジン。もっと多くの人達とアーティストとの出会いの場が増え、ビジネスチャンス・ファンの獲得に繋がればと思い、情報や広告がメインではなく" アーティストの作品紹介 "に力を入れたフリーペーパーをつくっております。
ワコムが発信するクリエイターに役立つ情報サイト「reCreate(レクリエイト)」。 著名クリエイターによるペンタブレットの活用事例や、作品制作に役立つニュースや動画を 配信。ペンタブレットだけでなく、クリエイティブに関わる様々な情報が満載。プロはもちろん、 これからクリエイティブ業界を目指す人たちも必見です。
wacom provides “Intuos” and “Cintiq,” pen tablets for professionals. We will support worldwide artists in drawing.
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